Program Committee
Karl Aberer, EPFL Dahlia Malkhi, HUJI, Microsoft
Mary Baker, HP Labs (Stanford) Timothy Roscoe, Intel
Hari Balakrishnan, MIT Emin Gun Sirer, Cornell
Bobby Bhattacharjee, Maryland Alex Snoeren, UCSD
Miguel Castro, Microsoft - Co-Chair Ion Stoica, Berkeley
Peter Druschel, Rice Robbert van Renesse, Cornell - Co-Chair 
Hector Garcia-Molina, Stanford Maarten van Steen, VU, Amsterdam
Anne-Marie Kermarrec, INRIA Helen Wang, Microsoft
Barbara Liskov, MIT Ben Zhao, UCSB

Call For Papers

The 4th International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS'05) provides a forum for researchers to discuss the state-of-the-art in peer-to-peer computing and to identify key research challenges in the area. IPTPS'05 will continue to build on the success of the previous workshops, (2002, 2003, and 2004).
The goal of the workshop is to examine peer-to-peer technologies, applications, and systems, and also to identify key research issues and challenges that lie ahead. In the context of this workshop, peer-to-peer systems are characterized as being decentralized, self-organizing distributed systems, in which all or most communication is symmetric. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

peer-to-peer applications and services
peer-to-peer systems and infrastructures
peer-to-peer algorithms
security in peer-to-peer systems
robustness in peer-to-peer systems
anonymity and anti-censorship
performance of peer-to-peer systems
workload characterization for peer-to-peer systems
experience with deployed peer-to-peer systems

The workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in the fields of systems, networking, and theory. The program of the workshop will be a combination of invited talks, presentations of position papers, and discussions. To ensure a productive workshop environment, attendance will be limited to about 50 participants who are active in the field.

Each potential participant should submit a position paper that exposes a new problem, advocates a specific solution, or reports on actual experience. Papers should follow these guidelines:

Submission Deadline will be October 29, 2004  November 1, 2004
6 pages or less
Two columns are acceptable
Font size must be no smaller than 11pt.

Participants will be invited based on the originality, technical merit, and topical relevance of their submissions, as well as the likelihood that the ideas expressed in their submissions will lead to insightful technical discussions at the workshop. Please do not submit abbreviated versions of journal or conference papers. In particular, submissions to IPTPS should not be concurrent with a substantially similar submission to a conference, including condensed versions of work that has been submitted to a conference and is currently under review.

All decisions on accepted papers will be done by December 20, 2004.